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by George Shaddock

Georgie - An Unexpected Life

Georgie is a story about a young woman who has searched all her life for her birth parents. At the age of 35, she has become the CEO of a world renowned fashon design corporation.

During her search she is faced with a series of life-threatening experiences brought about by two drug cartels that attempt to take over her company. Later a one-month sailboat cruise encounters a terrible storm off the Coast of Oregon. Again, her life is threatened. Her quest is finally consummated in a way that no one could have predicted.

* * *

Blizzard: The Storm of the Century
by George Shaddock
The Blizzard


Blizzard is a story about a man and a woman, driving in separate cars on a lonely county road in Indiana, meet by chance during a raging storm.

Within minutes of their meeting, their cars are brought to a standstill by wind and snow. They are faced with the need to survive the storm without any help.

They talk about their problems and reasons for being there. The storm is later classified as the Storm of the Century This story is based upon an actual storm.

The Blizzard, covering Indiana and Ohio, was the worst storm to hit these two states in the 20th Century. It occurred in January 1978.

* * *

by George Shaddock
The Interpreter

THE INTERPRETER is a story of love between two women who meet by accident in front of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

One is a beautiful, scantly clad woman who claims to be an instantaneous interpreter at the UN. The other is an aspiring and talented singer, looking for stardom in a Broadway musical. The singer is drawn to the poorly dressed woman and takes her to her apartment for the night. The next day they discover they have a mutual need for company and support and begin to share an apartment in SoHo, Manhattan. Both women appear to be in their early thirties. They fill a mutual need for company and support and begin to share an apartment in SoHo, Manhattan.

The Interpreter has an exotic background and is entirely familiar with twenty-to-thirty languages. She is on a personal mission that could threaten their lives.

Both attend weekend gatherings held at the estate of a wealthy widow in Southampton, Long Island. One woman wants a child sired by the most intelligent man she can find. The other woman desires only to become the star of a Broadway musical.

* * *

The Contract
by George Shaddock
Published August 2018

F-15 fighter

The plane made a perfect wheels-up, dead-stick landing in the lake even though the pilot was losing consciousness. As it came to a halt 25 yards from the beach, the pilots effort to open the canopy fail as his hands tell him the canopy is locked. A moment later, he watches a woman with a rock in her hand, smashing the canopy to bits. She continues to pound the canopy and throw the shards away, shouting for him to remove all restraint straps. She pulls him out of the plane and gets him to shore.

The Pilot, Captain Josh Wiley, and the woman, Sidney Davies, are suddenly the subject of assassins who are out to stop the Captain's effort to stop delivery of military hardware to the Saudis.

The Captain had been on his way to meet a man from the State Department to discuss a problem involving national security. His assignment had been to check Fifteen F-15 fighter jets against the contract signed by the president.

The Captain's survival immediately makes him and Sidney the targets for assassination. Their struggle to remain alive and stop delivery is aided by State Police, FBI, and NCIS, and finally an Admiral in the Pentagon, Washington, DC.

* * *

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