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London Circle Publishing is closing its doors. We deeply regret this action, but the times, and our personal issues, require it. We offer our sincere appreciation to all of our authors, many of whom we value as close, personal friends. appears to have taken over the field and, from our viewpoint, does a wonderful job of providing a venue for any author. It has been our pleasure to have been one of the original e-book publishers. We look forward to amazing developments in the field.

The one area which we hope will unfold is the digital publication of college text books. The exhorbitant cost of printed text books, particularly under the current economic conditions, is a burden that could be, and should be, easily eliminated.

London Circle Publishing is, and will continue to be, proud of the books published, and equally proud of the relationships established with its authors. We look forward to their future success.

With great affection,

George W. Shaddock, Publisher